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How Much Traffic do you Really Need?

‘A little bit harsh’: Fee increases for residential parking permits not sitting well with Calgarians [Video]

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Some Calgarians are expressing concerns over the city’s new pay structure for residential parking permits.

In a recent email to some residents, the Calgary Parking Authority said, “You are receiving this email as a result of the policy changes to the residential parking permit program that were approved by council in January 2021, following two years of engagement with Calgarians. The revised program aims to increase street-use efficiency and fairness, support businesses and be better positioned for long-term sustainability.”

According to the city’s website, residents of a “ground-oriented dwelling” will need a residential parking permit and will be on the hook for $50 per year for a first permit, $75 per year for a second permit and $125 per year for a third permit.

There is also a “select permit” for those living in small multi-residential buildings and larger ones built before 1945, who will pay $75 per year.

And …

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