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The POWER of Being Strategic (New Year Solutions) 02/02 by The Career Engineer [Video]

Part 3 of 4: (TCE PushUP – Stop SETTLING, Position Yourself to SELECT! The POWER of Being Strategic! Never fear. The New Year is here, and it’s time to create another list of resolutions! You know the most popular ones like losing weight, getting organized, securing a better job, starting that business, or becoming the best you possible! Unfortunately, most New Year Resolutions fail by Jan 31st! Never Fear the Career Engineer is here to share ?New Year Solutions? that will kick those 2023 & beyond resolutions to the curb every time.

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Coaching with Janine Avila on Building Fortunes Radio with Peter Mingils 02/02 by Building Fortunes [Video]

Coaching with Janine Avila on Building Fortunes Radio with Peter Mingils. Janine Avila is a Home Based Business Coach, distributor, counselor and trainer. Janine Avila hosts this podcast with Peter Mingils on Building Fortunes Radio. You can read more about MLM on You can also see more on shares more of the favorable aspects of working from home. Peter Mingils owns Network Leads is PM Marketing Networkleads Affiliate program Contact: Peter Mingils (386) 445-3585

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MicroGO raises Pre-Series A Funding of INR 6 cr [Video]

Biotech firmMicroGO, a firm in providing smart and sustainable hygiene and infection control solutions, has raised INR six crore in Pre-Series A funding from Angel investors in Calcutta. The funds will be used primarily for strengthening MicroGOs sales and marketing activities.