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Business calendar: banking on it [Video]

STORY: Heres what to watch in the business and finance world in the week to June 17. The U.S. Federal Reserve makes another big rates decision on Wednesday.Markets are betting on a 50-basis point hike, to follow previous increases.Economists will watch whether the Fed still sounds confident about squashing soaring inflation. With UK inflation near 10%, the Bank of England will probably follow suit. That would be the fifth increase since December. Markets will also watch jobs and GDP numbers for signs of stagflation.Switzerland has the inflation bug too, with price rises near 14-year highs.Some think that could persuade its central bank to hike rates too.The Swiss National Bank has so far been among the most dovish.The Bank of Japan looks sure to keep generous stimulus in place on Friday.But the pressure for a change is starting to mount.Japans low rates have sent the yen tumbling, making imports more expensive.And France votes Sunday in first-round parliamentary elections.President Emmanuel Macron needs a good result to endorse his pro-business platform.But the left has won support with calls to cap prices for essential goods.