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How Rotoscoping revolutionized animated movement [Video]

Rotoscoping, invented by Max Fleischer in 1915, revolutionized movement in animated film. It allowed real human motion and dancing to be translated into frame-by-frame animation, such as turning Cab Calloway’s moves into a walrus dancing.

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  • We’ve been covering the crazy creations of maker-humorist Simone Giertz since the very beginning. As she points out in this new video, announcing her new company, Yetch, for years people have been responding to her funny inventions with the “Take my money” meme. So, she is now prepared to do just that. She has put… READ THE REST

  • Mistakes are essential for growth. Not to sound too much like a motivational speaker here, but how can you learn what strategy doesn’t work without failure. It’s just part of the process. However, some mistakes don’t start as mistakes. They disguise themselves as boons and become burdens over time. Anyone that’s ever dated can attest… READ THE REST

  • These are three of my …

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Starting a Business

How to Start a Cargo Van Business for $300 and other lies on the internet [Video]

Enroll in Home Economics - NOW - Sign up for Home Economics Here - Rebirth of Hustlers Kung Fu Payment Plan 18 Payments of $145 - Rebirth of Hustlers Kung Fu One and Done 50% OFF use promo code rebirth— the Audio Book - FREE - The Hustlers Mindset Pimping Your Mind for Success - Up your LLC Getting your EINSetting Up your Business Checking Getting a Business Credit CardSetting Up QuickbooksToday is the day! We start 30 Days to $2500 - Small Businesses you can Start From Home. The goal is to create a Home Based Business in the next 30 Days.This will be blueprint to how to go about getting started. Each live lesson will be 30 minutes or shorter. If you show up on YouTube you get the training for free. If you want the replay and special assets you have to buy the course.You can get in for $350 it goes up to $450 after 4 today.Ground Zero Setting Up your LLC Getting your EINSetting Up your Business Checking Getting a Business Credit CardSetting Up Quickbooks1 Creating an Environment that Promotes Making Money - Mental 2 Creating an Environment that Promote Making Money - Home 3 Learning How to Work4 What is your Business Idea?5 How do you come up with a Business idea?6 How to test your Business idea?7 You want to be Data Driven not from the Gut8 Running Tiny Tests9 Finding a Problem10 Creating a Brand - you can charge more11 Is your Market Growing or Dying?12 Who do you want to Serve?13 What is Marketing and Market Place Research?14 Where are you going to Market?15 How do you Market to your Audience?16 Does Social Media Work for your Business?17 Setting up your Website18 Do you like your customer?19 Who do you want to Sell too?20 Understand Selling an Intangible?21 Understand Selling a Physical Product?22 Understand how to Presell your Products23 How to Set Prices for your Product or Service24 How to use Coupons to Sell Products25 Elastic Pricing for Ramped up Sales26 Why the “Illusion” of a Sale will Make you More Money So this is going to take up the whole month of April and probably some of May. I am completely redoing 30 Days to $2500 in a more structured way and I will be adding more training as we go along.So this is the cheapest this course is ever going to be. At the end of the course build out the price is going to $1000 so that will be close to the end of the month. So you want to get in now.I am going to teach you things no one else can teach based on 24 years business and personal finance experience.

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Renovations to Recently Purchased Auctioned Building will Be More Housing for Downtown Circleville [Video]

PICKAWAY - Two buildings in Downtown Circleville that was recently purchased in an auction have revealed plans for the buildings. Circleville Don Mcllroy spoke during the Circleville Safety committee on Tuesday, June 14, 2022, on the plans for two downtown buildings. "A vibrant downtown has