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Letter: As a diversity and inclusion officer, I work to provide students opportunities to be heard [Video]

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When state Sen. John D. Johnson introduced SB283 seeking to ban diversity, equity and inclusion topics and personnel at public universities, he claimed to prioritize academic rigor and intellectual diversity over political ideology. Yet his own proposal attempted to enforce a specific political agenda by shutting down views he didn’t like.

Perhaps realizing the overreach, he revised the bill four days later from “prohibiting diversity, equity, and inclusion in higher education” to a “study” of the issue. This is a step in the right direction that will enable citizens to decide whether the greater threat to higher education is posed by DEI work at Utah’s universities or Sen. Johnson’s way of opposing it.

I am a diversity and inclusion officer in the College of Humanities at Brigham Young University, a private school that is not directly governed by SB283. Speaking for myself, I can assure Sen. Johnson my job does not involve indoctrinating students in certain political beliefs …

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