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Untold Truths About Investing | IFSA Private Equity [Video]

Head over to our website or book a free consultation to find out how private equity can help you prosper Hart, Asset Manager at Impact Investing, asks the hard questions, sharing untold truths about investing. Often, one of the main reasons why so many people find investment speak confusing has more to do with the language of investing than investing itself.During the third Prosperity Session, Chris Hart and Frikkie van Loggerenberg discuss strategies to help demystify the investment landscape. Together, they help create a prism through which an individual investor can transform the chaos of the markets into a single path toward long-term investment success. This Prosperity Session is a learning experience for anyone interested in the truth about investing.Want to learn more? Subscribe to our channel to make sure you don’t miss our upcoming Prosperity Session with John Campbell. In the next session, we bring you more insights on how to identify pockets of excellence in South Africa and abroad.IFSA Private Equity – Prosperity in progressIFSA (Pty) Ltd Registration No. 2000/005153/07 An Authorised Financial Services Provider Licence No. 43337