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We’re in a RECESSION, Do THIS Now – Inside Baseball Ep 8 [Video]

Become a Member of Alex’s Insider Stakeout Today: Baseball: Play of the Day delivers you weekly insights on behind-the-scenes stock market moves. Inside baseball is defined as “the inner workings of a system that are only interesting to, or appreciated by, experts, insiders, and aficionados.” Join us each Friday as your host, Alex Boulden, covers the latest legal insider trades and market-moving news. This week, Alex goes over the definition of a recession and whether or not we’re technically in one (hint: we are). When in a recession or times of economic downturn, dividend stocks have proven to be the best move to make for investors. Here is a look at some of the stocks Alex is looking at while we weather the economic storm.Alex’s latest Outsider Club article: up today to become a member of Outsider Club and get a FREE report, “The Inevitable Crash: How to Win When Everyone Loses” here: #economiccrisis #investing #dividend