Starting A Business From Home

Transitioning from the Office to Freelance – Virtual Assistant Training [Video]

There are so many great parts about transitioning from the office to freelance life, but there are some real struggles too. Solitude and loneliness can kick in, you may struggle to stay motivated, and finding ways to interact with other people regularly can be tricky.Don’t worry though, all of this is perfectly normal, and you *will* overcome the bumps of transitioning to your new career in freelancing. In this video, I walk through three super simple ways to help transition and mitigate these common struggles. Soon you’ll be an entrepreneur rockstar!Looking to become a virtual assistant and work from home? I offer one-on-one tailored coaching through my website: www.daniellelebaron.comRemember to leave a like, comment, and share with anyone you know who’s interested in becoming a virtual assistant!