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KSL Investigates: Holiday Crime Hotspots MONDAY 10PM [Video]

Chase Harrington, president and COO of Entrata Top 5 reasons you may want to consider apartment life over owning a home There are many benefits of renting that can be overshadowed by the allure of buying a home. Here are five reasons why renting might be right for you. Lighting Design 6 Holiday Decor Trends […]

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Etsy–Robinhood Stock Market Investing [Video]

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This least onerous way of funding could help you have more time to [Video]

Money is king when you’re planning to start or grow your business, but acquiring funds, or paying venture capital funds, can be very onerous to entrepreneurs which makes some fail and exit the business. In this episode, Melissa Widner, CEO of Lighter Capital, explains how their non-diluted and debt type of funding can help entrepreneurs grow without having to worry about the onerous part of paying the loan, and how it could help entrepreneurs have more time to #getnoticed by getting more traction without taking dilution.Melissa also shares how non-diluted funding is easier to acquire and settle compared to venture capital funding and cites some case studies and examples of their customers. She also shares how their customers’ success stories help get the word out and educate the marketing, and most importantly, get Lighter Capital to #getnoticed.Post-production, transcript and show notes by XCD Virtual Assistants ([email protected])