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Just leave It | Stable Fund | Optimus | Passive Income [Video]

Just leave It. Riding off house money now. Stable Fund is a steady 1.5 % per day and Optimus Money is paying an easy 1% per day. Passive income on steroids. Watch me make a withdrawal and deposit using it. Stable Fund Optimus Money these income machines are pumping!!If you are interested in investing in other projects I am in, the links are below.✅ Change Now✅ Avarice BNB✅ Stable Fund✅ BNB Genesis✅ Good luck and never invest more than you can afford to lose. All of these projects can be here today and gone tomorrow. 💯✅I am not a financial advisor so do your own due diligence!!!!!!!!!Stable Fund,Passive income,Stable fund rug,Stable fund crypto,Just missed getting rugged,High risk,high risk crypto,crypto passive income 2022,I woke up to this,optimus,crypto passive income staking,crypto passive income projects,why,Live withdrawal,defi projects 2022,crypto,just leave it,oh no!,stable fund polygon,stable fund busd,srocket token,unexpected,stable,1 Million in 12 months,why you mad,shocking,you’ve got to do this now,fund,Optimus,money