Marketing a Startup

From Seed Round to Sensational: 360° Marketing [Video]

Gaviti is a classic coming-of-age startup story.When we met Gaviti, they were a fresh young #SaaS #fintech startup with just a couple million dollars raised, a few clients in Israel, and big dreams to be the leading accounts receivables solution.And guess what? A fintech industry leader is exactly what they are today, just two years later. How did they get there? The SAGE team fused Gaviti’s vision and mission with our startup marketing expertise to build the company’s entire marketing strategy and execution from scratch, taking them from the new kid on the block to the highly profitable industry leader they are today. It’s been a dream to help their dreams come true, and we can’t thank @Yan Lazarez, @Alex Komarovsky, and the entire Gaviti team enough for their trust over the past couple years. Be on the lookout for them, they’re going places 🚀