Venture Capital

Decoded EP15 – The secret to becoming a great venture capital investor w/ Sarah Kunst [Video]

We’re so excited to be talking with Sarah Kunst, Managing Director and Co-Founder of Cleo Capital. Cleo Capital is a multi-stage venture capital firm that focuses on leading investments in pre-seed companies.During a stimulating and inspiring 50 minutes, Sarah talks to us about her start in advertising, her uncanny knack for knowing what’s next, and her long-held passion for the “people side” of business. We learn that, despite calling herself a great bullshitter, Sarah is always ready to roll up her sleeves and take a decidedly no-bullshit approach to her work. She shares how she recognizes the importance of providing founders with practical help that they actually need, especially if that help isn’t particularly glamourous. In one instance, this entailed babysitting for founders so that they could attend an important dinner with a potential investor.Sarah tells us how the best hedge against imposter syndrome is playing to your strengths and picking up ancillary skills as you need them. She also divulges the central question she asks looking at investment opportunities: “At scale, will this company be a net positive or negative for the world?” and explains how the answer brings her one step closer to purchasing a superyacht.