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How To Register And Renew Your Ontario Business | Business Name Registration And Renewal | Canada [Video]

Whether you’re just about to open a business or it’s years down the line, it’s important to know how to register and renew a business in Ontario.Ontario Business Central is here to help with your Business Name Registration and renewal. We provide a turn-key solution, from selecting your business name, to getting your Business Identification Number (BIN) and renewing your registration every 5 years.In this video, we walk you through the entire process of Business Name Registration. You may know it as the Master Business License, or an MBL. Be sure to watch the video to find out what remains the same with the new system and what has changed. Our team can help you identify the type of business you’re registering—whether it’s a sole proprietorship or a partnership—and port over an existing MBL to the Business Name Registration. Most importantly, with the new BNR system, we can help you get a NAICS code based on your industry, and a Company Key to identify your business and prevent fraudulent activity.With Ontario Business Central, you can count on us to make sure that your registration is always current. We’ll manage your registration and stay on top of your renewals. Our commitment is a timely Business Name Registration renewal so your registration will always be valid, and you can avoid disruptions to business operations.Clearly, there are a lot of things that go into registering and renewing a business. But not to worry, because Ontario Business Central can help make this process hassle-free. Our experienced and friendly team is fully equipped to handle the entire process for you. With Ontario Business Central by your side, you can focus on the other aspects of running and growing your business. We bring over 25 years of experience in supporting entrepreneurs in Ontario, across the entire business life cycle, from startup and registration to renewal, growth and more. You can count on us to make sure that your registration, renewals and other key documents are always in order.We hope that you found this video helpful. If you’re looking for more guides, just remember that this is only one of our many guides to registering and renewing your business. Check these out:Registering a Business: Identification Number—What is a Business Number?: Name Reports—Business Name Search and Preliminary Search: Want to read these guides and keep them handy? Head over to Ontario Business Central for more information on the Business Name Registration and renewal: The information provided in this video is specifically designed to assist and in no way shall be considered as legal advice. Questions? [email protected] 1-416-599-9009Facebook: Twitter: Instagram: