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5 Steps to Building an Audience with #Hashtags

UK protest backs health staff as doctors prepare to strike | Business and Economy News [Video]

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Thousands of protesters marched through London to the British prime minister’s residence on Saturday to support healthcare workers who have held a series of strikes over pay and conditions in the state-funded National Health Service.

Almost 40,000 junior doctors, who form the backbone of hospital care, are due to walk out across England for three days starting Monday.

NHS England said the doctors’ strike would be even more disruptive than recent walkouts by nurses and ambulance staff.

The NHS said it would “prioritise resources to protect emergency and critical care, maternity care and where possible prioritize patients who have waited the longest for elective care and cancer surgery,” but thousands of appointments and procedures will be cancelled during the 72-hour strike.

A wave of strikes has disrupted Britons’ lives for months, as workers demand pay raisesto keep pace with double-digit inflation. As well as healthcare workers, teachers, train drivers, airport baggage handlers, border …

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