Starting A Business From Home

(Video) What To Say In The Crucial First Few Minutes Of Your Sales Conversations That Brings In New Clients

Do you love how you feel when you’re coaching women entrepreneurs?

But when it comes to sales conversations, you get nervous, awkward or feel disconnected?

Today I’m giving you WORD-FOR-WORD what to say in those crucial first few minutes of your sales conversations.

Watch now and find out why it’s time to shift your experience of sales conversations from something negative to being an exciting part of your coaching business.

In this training I’ll demonstrate for you exactly what to say so that you’re going to hear a clear yes or no decision from your prospective client…

Plus, I’ll share key mindsets so that you go into every strategy call feeling confident, standing in your power and signing on new coaching clients as a result.


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Starting A Business From Home

Salma Hayek Wears Bikini Coverup at Magic Mike PremiereSee Pics [Video]

Salma Hayek stepped out for the premiere of Magic Mike's Last Dance in Miami Beach last night, and we need to discuss her instantly iconic dress. What we have here is a fully see through netted gown covered in embroidered flowers, pumpkins (!!!) and what appears to be pea pods, paired with black underwear. Basically, she wore the world's most glam harvest vegetable-forward bikini coverup, which seems pretty on-point for the Miami setting.

Starting A Business From Home

Darlene Sartore on Urantia Papers Building Fortunes Radio Peter Mingils 01/25 by Building Fortunes [Video]

Working on and ideal Network Living Darlene Sartore on Urantia Papers Building Fortunes Radio Peter Mingils, Ideal Network Founder Darlene Sartore presents The Addiction Zapper Solution with PM Marketing NetworkLeads owner Peter Mingils on Building Fortunes Radio. is where we host Building Fortunes Radio. You can find some articles on Some more information is on the classified ads website: The MLM news website is something to look at You can buy the best MLM Leads at In addition, for quality Network Marketing Adertising and website traffic go to: and the other MLM Ads site: is the Affiliate Program Some of the best leads you will find will also come from MLM Free Speech Peter Mingils (386) 445-3585